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About Debtco Group

Debt Counselling is a service that will help protect you from any legal action, if your proposal has been accepted by your credit providers and your monthly repayment is in line with the accepted proposal.

Our Debt Counsellors have been in the industry since 2010 and we are fully accredited with the National Credit Regulator. Debtco Group is established with a Payment Distribution agency for the facilitation and management of creditor payments and distribution of funds.

We assist all clients telephonically or electronically, making it easier for everyone in South Africa to be assisted by professional consultants and Debt Counsellors.

Most South Africans are still paying approximately 76% of their income on debt repayments, causing unnecessary stress at home and at work and affectingtheir productivity. This can also lead to depression.

People live in fear of losing their homes and their assets and have nowhere to turn, other than making even more debt to try and alleviate the pressure, which causes them to fall deeper and deeper into the debt trap.

Another benefit of Debt Counselling is the so called in deplume rule that prevents outstanding debts from accumulating too many times the original figure, as was the case in the past. Thus the total of all fees, outstanding interest and legal fees may not exceed the capital as at the time of default on the account.

Once you are undergoing Debt Counselling, you should refer all queries and calls from credit providers to your Debt Counsellor, supplying them with the contact details of the person that is calling you. The Debt Counsellor will try and resolve the issue amicably and with efficiency.

How Does Debt Counselling Address my Debt Stress?

Debt Counselling will help you to eliminate your Debt Stress.
You have taken a responsible step by applying for Debt Counselling to regain your financial freedom.

Your Debt Counsellor can help protect you and your assets by protecting your rights and managing the process. You are not alone – hundreds and thousands of people are applying for the same process and have the same debt stress. Debt Review is a legal process and your rights are protected as long as you meet your new monthly debt obligation.


My debt balance will increase.
Interest rates and fees are fixed.
Once I have applied for Debt Review, I am stuck in Debt Review.


Aim to repay Debt in less than 60 months. The reality is that, on average, short-term debt is repaid in 32 months.
Your budget will determine the interest rates and fee reductions. These reductions assist in reducing the repayment period.
Once you have repaid your short-term debt and can afford normal instalments, your Debt Counsellors can set you free by issuing a Clearance Certificate.

Why Debt Review Is Good For You

  • Every payment reduces your debt
  • You remain protected as long as you pay
  • Fees and interest can be reduced
  • The process is tough but rewarding

Why Debt Review Is Tough

  • No more debt while under Debt Review
  • No payment holiday
  • It’s easy to make debt but a process to repay it
  • You might be tempted to abandon the process

How to Avoid Becoming Over-Indebted

Avoid incurring more debt, and instead downgrade and change your lifestyle! It is important to remember that a change in lifestyle is the first step towards creating a better environment for yourself, as a consumer facing challenging times. You will need to cut back on some expenses and makeother lifestyle adjustments, in order to stay afloat.

Where to Cut Back/Adjust:

  1. Alcohol
  2. Tobacco/Cigarettes
  3. Entertainment
  4. Club Memberships
  5. Pay/Satellite TV
  6. Gambling
  7. Where possible, use public transport
  8. Avoid loans

By cutting the above items from your budget, you could find that you have more cash. You then have the option to either save that money, or pay more on your account, therefore reducing your monthly debts.