Debt Review Help

Finding your way out of debt can be challenging, especially while managing expensive living costs and looking after yourself and your family. At Debtco Group, we understand this all too well, and offer a solution to over-indebtedness through a process called Debt Review. Approved by South Africa’s National Credit Regulator and delivered with transparency and discretion, Debt Review help is available when you need it.

At Debtco Group, we make it simple for consumers to enlist our services online. You’re debt stress is a burden that we can rid you of, and it starts with a simple affordability assessment to understand your financial profile and debt problems. In order to offer you Debt Review help that is customized to your situation, we need this insight into your income, debt obligations and what you require to get by every month. If we find that you are over-indebted, Debt Review is the best option to get you back on track with your financial goals. Debt Review offers you immediate relief, when you most need it. So how will we proceed?

To begin offering you Debt Review help, our team will get in touch with your creditors one by one – we do so in order to negotiate lower monthly instalments with them, and potentially lower interest rates as well. Once done, we can begin restructuring your reduced monthly debt obligations into one consolidated payment that works according to your affordability, based on everything you owe towards debt each month. You will be responsible for paying this amount to a Payment Distribution Agency, and won’t have to deal with your creditors at all. This also means your creditors may not contact you, so you won’t have to worry about being hounded by them.

The process of Debt Review usually takes between 3 and 5 years, during which time you are not allowed to enter new credit agreements or take out loans. Your main focus is to overcome your debts and better your financial future, and with us, you are in capable and professional hands. Many consumers are concerned about their credit scores and whether seeking Debt Review help will negatively affect this. The answer is no – your credit report will reflect all the debts you repay and once you succeed in completing the process of Debt Review, you will be issued a Debt Clearance certificate and your credit report will no longer indicate Debt Review.

Debt Review help is there to improve your quality of life and help you get out of debt. We free up your available income by reducing what you repay in a month, and make sure you’re protected from creditors. During the Debt Review process, you are safe from legal action being taken against you because of your debts, like asset repossession. Our team also help by investigating your creditors and the credit agreements you’ve entered into, to make sure Reckless Lending was not in play.

If you need Debt Review help, you’re in the right place. Contact us today for sound solutions to overcoming your debt!