Debt Counselling Bloubergstrand

Being in debt is one thing, but facing over-indebtedness is a completely different type of stress. With almost everything that we do in our lives relating to money, it can be challenging to cope. Life is expensive, and consumers who fall on hard times resort to credit to afford basic living expenses. At Debtco Group, we pride ourselves on making a difference with a reputable Debt Counselling Bloubergstrand service.

Knowing that your debt does not need to define your life is a huge relief. Debt Counselling was introduced to struggling consumers by South Africa’s National Credit Act (NCA) in 2007 and has since made a positive difference in so many lives. If you can’t afford the monthly repayments owed to creditors while still paying your living expenses, you may be over-indebted and could benefit from the assistance of one of our Debt Counsellors. Once you’ve made the decision to get your finances in order, we can help with the rest. Apply for the Debt Counselling Bloubergstrand process and let us guide you out of debt for good.

The process works by changing the way you repay your debts every month. A National Credit Regulator registered Debt Counsellor from our team works closely with you to understand your financial setbacks and needs, through an affordability assessment. We then negotiate with each of your creditors on your behalf, lowering the monthly repayment amounts you owe and collectively also reducing the amount you spend on debt each month. Afterwards, you’re presented with a new and fair Debt Repayment Plan, which makes sense for your budget. As part of our Debt Counselling Bloubergstrand service, we handle all the legalities and notify your creditors as needed.

During the Debt Counselling process, you are safe from any legal action your creditors could take, and in fact, you won’t be hearing from your creditors at all. We do all the communicating on your behalf, and your payments are overseen by a trusted Payment Distribution Agency. Another benefit of our Debt Counselling Bloubergstrand service is that our team investigate any potential signs of reckless lending, where you were approved for credit unfairly. In these cases, the fault lies with your creditor and steps can be taken to help you.

Although our Debt Counselling Bloubergstrand service is easy to apply for and benefit from online, we moved offices to Blouberg recently and our doors are always open during office hours. Get started with the steps for financial freedom, and start looking forward to what the future holds!

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