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The South African population is experiencing severe hardships and is having a hard time repaying debt, from credit cards, overdrafts, store cards and personal loans in an environment of rising interest rates, declining monthly incomes and rising inflation. Debt review is a great option for those people who are struggling with managing their debt.  Allow our debt counsellors in Johannesburg at Debtco Group to assist you while you go through the debt review process.

For South African consumers who have accrued excessive debt, a debt review program lessens the pain of repayments. With one simple, affordable monthly payment, all of your debts can be paid off and you are on the path to financial freedom. The best part is that as soon as you complete your Debt Review application, you will be protected from legal action by your creditors and your assets will be secured. One effective way to regain control over your finances is through the Debt Review procedure and long term, it may also result in a favourable credit history.

Here at Debtco Group, we take our clients seriously and like to handle things personally. Debt review is the process of turning over your debt negotiations to a debt counsellor, who becomes your go to person. This person will gather your debts, take a look at your income and work with you to develop a payment plan regarding your instalments and interest rate options you have with your creditors. Then, all your creditors are negotiated with on your behalf by your debt counsellor. The great thing about debt review, is that it reduces your debt while protecting you against asset forfeiture, legal action and harassing calls from creditors.

Debtco Group have been in the industry for many years and our modest origins and passion for helping South African consumers has contributed to our success and constantly expanding clientele. Not only have our efforts transformed the debt relief sector, but they have also rescued a large number of clients from the crushing grip of debt. With a super clean credit history, you can re-enter the credit market thanks to our services of debt review in Johannesburg.

Our debt counsellors in Johannesburg may be your best and first option if you believe that your money isn’t working for you, the constant harassment is getting to be too much to handle, or the worry that legal action may be a possibility. By using our free debt saving calculater, we will be able to assess your current condition, any past errors and the potential direction of your financial situation. Starting today, let us assist you in overcoming the stress caused by debt.

To understand more about the process of debt review, get in touch with Debtco Group right away! We can help you in overcoming your debt and succeeding in the debt review procedure in Johannesburg.

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