Debt Counsellor in Cape Town

At Debtco, we understand that balancing the ever-increasing cost of living with a stagnant salary can quickly turn a previously manageable financial situation into a storm of unpaid creditors and growing debt. Whether attempting to cover unexpected medical costs, repairing your car or simply trying to cover your monthly expenses, building bad debt can happen over time or in a single moment.

A Debt Counsellor in Cape Town is someone registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR) who can help you along the path to financial relief. Through our expert Debt Counselling program, our team will assess your debt to income ratio, create a budget to cover your monthly living expenses and liaise with your creditors to restructure your monthly instalments to suit your budget.

With most South African consumers using an estimated 76% of their income on debt repayments alone, the opportunity to save for unexpected expenses is not always viable, resulting in consumers relying more heavily on credit until they become over-indebted or blacklisted on ITC. Along with leaving consumers vulnerable to creditor harassment and potentially losing their assets, bad debt can lead to depression, which can negatively impact their professional and private relationships. By taking over your debt management, we will handle all interactions with your creditors going forward, giving you freedom from threatening phone calls and easing your debt stress.

A Debt Counsellor in Cape Town is your guide to financial freedom as you break free from the bonds of high monthly instalments. If you require assistance managing your growing debt or would like more information on our expert Debt Counselling services, please contact us.

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