Debt Counselling Parklands

Whether it is because you’ve made a few regrettable financial choices, faced an unexpected reduction of your household income, or have had to take out loans to cover excessive medical costs, having a lot of debt is never easy. If the debt you face on a month-to-month basis is more than your income, you’re likely over-indebted and are at risk of becoming blacklisted. At Debtco Group, we offer an effective Debt Counselling Parklands service to get you through hard financial times.

You may have heard of Debt Counselling before but find the idea intimidating. It helps to know that Debt Counselling is intended to provide financial relief and protection to consumers, and is legal and recommended by the National Credit Act (NCA) to over-indebted individuals. The process is much less complicated than you might think, and our team oversee the entire process and manage all communications and negotiations with your creditors. Get the process started for our Debt Counselling Parklands service by applying and allowing us to assess your finances, which include your debts, expenses and income.

The next steps involve you completing the necessary forms with our guidance, while our team also notify your creditors of your Debt Counselling Parklands application and lists you on the National Credit Regulator (NCR) database, allocating you with an NCR number. At the same time, we get your creditors to provide us with a Certificate of Balance (COB), which breaks down the outstanding balance owed, interest rates and payment terms. Having this in order allows us to draft proposals and negotiate reduced repayment amounts with your creditors on your behalf so that you pay less towards your debts each month.

Don’t be ashamed of your finances anymore. Debt Counselling can make all the difference in your life, reducing your financial strain and providing you with instant financial relief when you need it the most. All the payments you make during the Debt Counselling Parklands process are collected and distributed by a Payment Distribution Agency that we trust. You are also given the benefit of protection from your creditors during the process, so no legal action can be taken against you by your creditors. This is already a huge relief to individuals who are scared of losing their assets due to their debt problems.

Our Debtco Group offices have recently moved to Blouberg, which makes it easy for those under the Debt Counselling Parklands service to receive personalised services from our registered Debt Counsellors. We provide a comprehensive service to help you manage your debts better, in a way that works for your budget and your family’s needs. Get in touch today to begin the process.

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