Debt Relief Available in South Africa

At Debtco Group, we are guided by the belief that every South African consumer deserves the chance to restore their financial status. We should all be allowed to live a comfortable, debt-free existence, or at least have the opportunity to work towards this. Being over-indebted is a massive burden, facing more and more individuals as our economy continues to take financial strain. It is becoming harder to live a life free of debt, and unfortunately, low to middle-income earners are feeling the most financial pressure.

For consumers who classify as over-indebted, a Debt Relief measure that works is Debt Counselling. In short, Debt Counselling is a process that is overseen by a competent Debt Counsellor, who (after an in-depth assessment of your finances) restructures what you owe, to better fit your financial capabilities. We reduce your monthly debt repayments to creditors through careful negotiations, and we then consolidate everything into one, more affordable monthly debt instalment that we are confident you can manage. There is more money left in your budget to cover important expenses, like groceries, petrol and the other living essentials of you and your dependants.

Debt Relief is intended to give you just that – relief. Through Debt Counselling (also referred to as Debt Review), you’re given instant relief from your stressful debt obligations. No more long months where your budget just cannot make it till the end. No more avoiding calls and messages from angry creditors demanding payment. No more borrowing money to pay back other money that you owe. At Debtco Group, we give you the chance to repay your debts according to your budget, and we do everything we can to help you achieve your financial goals.

There are many Debt Counselling Advantages to give you financial relief. You’ll be paying back everything that you owe, just in a way that is manageable and does not leave you with nothing. Experiencing Debt Relief gives you the clarity needed to adjust your relationship with money. As you work towards repaying your debt, you can also look forward to clearing your name. Once you’ve successfully repaid everything you owe, we will issue you with a Debt Clearance Certificate.

Your finances and debt obligations do not have to be out of your control. Experience Debt Relief and work towards bettering your life with the help of Debtco Group. We offer a Debt Counselling service that has helped thousands of over-indebted South African consumers get through challenging debt problems and come out on top. It starts with a decision to seek Debt Relief and put an end to your problems with money. Let us help you with Debt Counselling services you can count on.