Debt Counselling Plattekloof

It is hard to believe the havoc that debt can wreak on your life. From negatively impacting your relationships to potentially resulting in asset repossession and other legal problems, debt issues can make your life very uncomfortable. If you are ready to commit and work towards your financial restoration, Debtco Group provides a Debt Counselling Plattekloof service that gives you the freedom to support yourself more comfortably.

Although no one plans to become over-indebted and suffer the consequences, life is not affordable, and losing control of your financial matters happens quickly and easily. Unfortunately, getting out of debt is not quite as simple. Debt Counselling was legally introduced as a debt relief measure in South Africa in 2007, by the National Credit Act (NCA). This formal process addresses your debt issues at its core and is also aimed at regulating the credit industry. We have worked with many consumers on different journeys in their life, to help them get their financial freedom back.

How do you know if Debt Counselling is the solution to your problems? If you are over-indebted, our Debt Counselling Plattekloof programme is for you. One of our registered Debt Counsellors will first assess your affordability to determine if you’re over-indebted, and then we dive deeper into your finances. We need to know how much debt you’re in, who your creditors are, what you earn, and how much you need to get by comfortably. Knowing all of this allows us to negotiate with your creditors to reduce what you owe them each month. We then present you with a new monthly debt repayment amount that works for you.

Once you enter Debt Counselling, your creditors are all notified and they are immediately banned from contacting you to demand payment or threaten you with legal action. You cannot be blacklisted or lose assets while under Debt Counselling, and we make a point of ruling out Reckless Lending if suspicious lending agreements are discovered. Don’t be ashamed of your finances for a moment longer. There is a legal way to get out of debt and restore happiness in your life, through our Debt Counselling Plattekloof service.

Through Debt Counselling, your financial burdens are lowered and you find yourself being able to afford to live again, without counting pennies after all your debt instalments are made. You can apply for our Debt Counselling service online, and walk-ins are welcome at Debtco Group at our Cape Town offices. Our Debt Counsellors are all registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR), for a high-quality and solution-driven service that you can count on. Contact us today to get your Debt Counselling Plattekloof application started.

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