Debt Counselling Durbanville

Given the erratic fluctuations in the cost of living that South African consumers are dealing with every day, it is not surprising how many people are over-indebted. If you are seeking the services of a National Credit Regulator (NCR) approved Debt Counsellor, look no further. Our Debt Counselling Durbanville service can help you get your life back, by getting your debt under control.

Our Debtco Group team ensures a structured and effective approach, through a Debt Counselling Durbanville process aligned with the National Credit Act (NCA). Once you get in touch with us, we will conduct an affordability assessment to better understand your finances, from your income, debt, and expenses to the way you work with your monthly budget. Once it is determined that you are over-indebted, we’re able to submit an application to the NCR and can start developing a game plan to help you live more comfortably, while still addressing your debt obligations.

Once your Debt Counselling application is approved, we can move ahead with the proposed Debt Counselling plan that forms part of the process. By negotiating with your creditors for reduced monthly repayments and lower interest rates, we can restructure your debts in a way that is much more manageable for you. In turn, you will be making just one single monthly repayment towards your debts that is suited to what you can reasonably afford. We appoint a trusted Payment Distribution Agency to receive this payment from you and distribute it to your creditors. You’re in good hands with our Debt Counselling Durbanville service.

In addition to instant financial relief, the Debt Counselling process also protects you against debt-related legal actions like repossession or foreclosure. Unfortunately, over-indebtedness comes with very real consequences, and sometimes, individuals only face their financial problems when it is too late. We’re committed to providing a Debt Counselling Durbanville service that will get you through the hard times so that you can reach your financial goals and enjoy a debt-free existence. Don’t wait and wonder where you will be in the next few months, or if you will find your feet eventually. Take action and say goodbye to debt for good.

Throughout the Debt Counselling process, we will keep checking in with you and ensuring you are making progress. If you stay focused and remember what you are working towards, it is easy to get where you want to be. We love seeing our clients succeed and have celebrated many great victories for clients overcoming their debt with our help. For Debt Counselling in Durbanville that is result driven and transparent, you count on Debtco Group.

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