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Becoming indebted is no longer something you need to be careful of, as it’s become incredibly commonplace in this modern day economy. There are many traps you may fall into – such as unforeseen expenses, unhealthy credit habits and many products and services clambering for your money and attention. If you are residing in Port Elizabeth and find yourself in need of debt relief, our Debt counselling services can be your one-way ticket to freedom.

In order to overcome serious problems, a company that’s serious about your success will have your best interests at heart. Our friendly team of financial experts and debt counsellors will be able to help you overcome your “never-ending” battle with debt.  By taking every aspect of your financial lifestyle, such as expenses, monthly and alternative income statistics and your spending habits – we can draw up a suitable repayment plan that accommodates your needs.

By looking at all the facts, we can decide if debt counselling would be the best way forward. If so, our monthly repayment plans are designed around your monthly income and expenses. What this means, is that while you pay off your debt – you will still be able to keep up with your payments while being able to settle your debt in a timely manner. So while you pay off your debt – you do not risk accumulating anymore debt within the process. Now that is what we like to call “efficient.”

At the end of the day, your goal is to clear your name and limit the amount of stress you currently face. Debt not only affects your wallet, but your mental and emotional wellbeing too. This is why DebtCo Group is so passionate about helping indebted individuals overcome their battle with debt! If you fell that your debt is starting to rule your life, there are ways of walking away from this hopeless situation. By undergoing the process of debt counselling, your financial wellbeing is well on its way to becoming a reality.

DebtCo Group is passionate about debt – more so the alleviation of its pressure on its unsuspecting victims. Many consumers are ashamed of carrying debt around with them. We believe that this completely unwarranted, leading to us taking immediate action to get you the help you need. By choosing to use our debt counselling services in Port Elizabeth, you stand an incredible chance to take back power over your finances.

If you feel that debt counselling can greatly benefit your situation, or would like to see how it can help you firsthand; contact us today.

Debtco Group is an NCR registered entity, guaranteeing you professional and legal debt relief services.

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