Can I settle accounts under debt review earlier than the ordered time frame?

Financial rehabilitation is a big step for consumers who have been over-indebted. Like most important things in life, there is no quick fix to getting rid of your debt and becoming financially stable. If you’re considering Debt Review, you may be ready to say goodbye to your debt problems for good. It is important to note that in order for it to be effective, the process will not allow you to attain new debt or make use of any existing accounts.

The purpose of undergoing Debt Review is to pay off all existing debt and become financially stable. For this reason, no new accounts or existing accounts may be used. This restriction is important because your focus will be to clear your debts and become debt free. Just as you cannot make use of accounts or acquire any loans during Debt Review, you will also be handing over all contact with your credit providers to us. Our team of Debt Counsellors will handle everything, from negotiating reduced monthly instalments with your creditors to advising you when needed.

Once you have regained control of your finances by successfully completing Debt Review, you can be issued a Debt Clearance certificate. In time, your credit score will improve and you will find it much easier to be approved for loans and credit. Remember that you needed our help for a reason, and be sure to approach any new debt with caution, because it can easily become unmanageable. Our Debt Review service has provided financial relief to thousands of South African consumers, and it can be a significant step in your journey to becoming financially secure.

While being in Debt Review does stop you from getting access to credit and loans, it also frees up money in your monthly budget, making it much easier to afford what you need. During the process, a Debt Counsellor from our team will be there to answer your questions, and you will not have to deal with your creditors directly at all. One big benefit of Debt Review is that your creditors are prohibited from reaching out to you. This puts an end to harassing phone calls and emails to follow up on late or missed payments you may be worried about. You’re also protected from asset repossession and other actions your creditors may otherwise take against you.

If you are burdened with too much debt, Debt Review could be the solution to your problems. Start by letting us assess your affordability, and from there we can determine the best way forward for you. Make the life-changing decision to overcome your debt for good, and let Debtco Group help you get where you want to be!