Can I settle accounts under debt review earlier than the ordered time frame?

One main objective during the Debt Review process is to repay all debts and start a debt-free chapter in your life. While the process is designed to assist clients who are struggling financially, it is possible for an individual’s financial position to change while they are undergoing the process. When this happens, you can settle one or more of your accounts earlier, even during Debt Review.

At Debtco Group, we apply result-driven actions to help South Africans succeed with Debt Review. Being indebted is a path that no one wants to walk, and with it comes a lot of uncertainty and stress. Sadly, this is a reality that more and more consumers face. Our team works differently with each client because everyone is in a unique financial position that requires a tailored approach. We consider your income, main expenses, and the debt you are in before advising on whether you can benefit from this service with us.

Our team enjoys seeing you do well and celebrate the milestones you reach during your Debt Review journey. If you find that your finances improve enough for you to settle accounts, we encourage you to do so. What this means is that you shorten the length of time you will be under Debt Review, as the funds we receive from you going forward are allocated to other creditors. It is important that you first discuss your financial position and intentions to settle accounts with us so that we can arrange it around your current Debt Review plan.

In order to continue working with you on a plan for financial restoration, we continue advising you throughout the Debt Review process. Our team of Debt Counsellors has insight that comes from years of Debt Review experience, and we have crossed the finish line of debt with many clients. There are numerous benefits to Debt Review, from the opportunity to pay less towards your debt each month to the flexibility it offers you when your finances change. As you are undergoing Debt Review, you are also safe from any legal action your creditors may take against you.

During Debt Review, you pay one all-inclusive monthly payment towards all of your debt, which is a total amount that fits in with your affordability. In time, you can pay off everything you owe, while day-to-day expenses are much easier to afford. Don’t let your debt problems hold you back from the path you want to walk in life. Our Debtco Group team can assist with a trusted Debt Review service that works for you. Contact us today to get started!