Can My Debt Be Consolidated Into One Monthly Payment?

In order to better manage your debt and start seeing a difference in your financial struggles, you need an effective plan of action. Our team of Debtco Group Debt Counsellors have in-depth expertise and a lot of experience with successful debt rehabilitation, done through the Debt Review process. If you are an over-indebted South African, your debt can be consolidated into one monthly payment through Debt Review.

Don’t leave your debt issues to get worse before you take action. There are so many negative consequences that come from unpaid debt, over and above the effects that money problems have on your mental health. You could face legal action or become blacklisted if you do not honour your loan agreement or pay off your cards and bills on time. Debt Review offers you instant financial relief, and you will only have one monthly payment to worry about, instead of trying to handle a multitude of debt obligations. Our Debt Review process is National Credit Regulator (NCR) approved, and our Debt Counsellors are qualified and result-driven in their actions.

If you are wondering if your debt can be consolidated into one monthly payment, the answer is yes. Debt Review works because you are only paying one consolidated monthly payment to a trusted Payment Distribution Agency, which then ensures that your creditors are being paid back what they are due. In order for you to afford your debts more easily and not fall behind on payments, we will restructure what you owe lenders by negotiating reduced monthly payments and extended repayment terms with them.

Once you are officially under Debt Review, your creditors are notified and may no longer contact you for any follow-ups on late or missed payments. We will handle any communications with your creditors, lenders, and banks on your behalf. Once your debts have been consolidated into one monthly payment, there is less pressure on you to gain control over your debts and structure your finances. We consider your affordability and do our best to make your life as easy as possible, and your budget as accommodating as it can be.

Late or missed payments are a big reason why consumers land in trouble with their creditors. A pattern of bad repayment behaviors will reflect on your credit score and stop you from accessing loans or credit when needed. Debt Review allows you to pay back all that you owe in one consolidated monthly payment that is much more affordable. Find out how we can help you get your debt under control today!