Debt Counselling

Introduced in 2007 when the National Credit Act was publicly declared, Debt Counselling has since made an enormous difference in the lives of South African consumers – most of whom were struggling with the pressure of being over-indebted with no foreseeable way out. Debt Counselling offers trapped consumers an effective tool to overcome growing debt and restructure their financial future.

At Debtco Group, we believe in assisting South African consumers to take back control of their finances before the worst happens, which is why we offer an alternative remedy to over-indebtedness other than the more traditional methods of administration or sequestration. Our expert team will assess your financial situation, balance your current debt repayments against your income, and develop a solid and readjusted repayment plan that you can afford without putting further strain on your finances.

Due to low incomes, a high cost of living, and a general lack of financial education, a majority of consumers will face a future of Debt Review or even being blacklisted on the ITC. Although this paints a dark picture of South Africa’s financial future, it is not inevitable. Debtco Group’s expert financial advisers can provide budget advice unique to your needs and help you restructure your budget to ensure that you avoid the debt trap in future.

You don’t have to live in fear of angry creditors contacting you at all hours, potentially losing valuable assets or becoming blacklisted. Debtco Group’s experienced Debt Counsellors can help you avoid the noose of over-indebtedness while teaching you to be more financially savvy. For more information on Debt Counselling and how we can help you, please contact our team or complete our online form, and we will contact you.