Braai on a Budget for Heritage Day

Braai on a Budget for Heritage Day

Braai on a Budget for Heritage Day

A favourite public holiday in South Africa is Heritage Day, and for most of us, we celebrate our roots with a traditional braai. While we’re all holding on to our wallets and purses a bit tighter these days in light of the extreme price increases we’ve been trying to cope with, enjoying a braai on a budget for heritage day is very possible.

If you’re keen to save costs but still catch-up with friends over a good old-fashioned braai, you can socialise, enjoy a delicious meal and make great memories without spending a fortune. Here are some tips for a great braai on a budget for Heritage Day:

Braai everything you’ll be eating
If you utilise your braai for all the cooking, you don’t even need to switch on your stove, oven or microwave, which saves you a lot on electricity usage. You can make pretty much anything on your braai – braai your meat, garlic bread, potatoes and veggies and make fresh cold salads as a side dish.

Bring & Braai
With everyone taking strain financially, it is perfectly acceptable to host a Bring & Braai for Heritage Day this September. This means that everyone who attends must bring their own food for the braai – if you don’t want to get confused with too many different meats to braai on the day, discuss who can bring which meats and sides on the day in a fair way, so that everyone spends more or less the same and can enjoy the same mouth-watering selection of braai food.

Braai Affordably                          
A go-to meat for any affordable braai is boerewors rolls, or “boerie rolls”, which can be enjoyed with a tomato and onion relish and affordable sides like a basic garden salad or a potato salad. A great idea for a cheap braai side dish is grilled sweetcorn, which gets a tasty char to it when made on the braai. Chicken also tends to be an affordable option for braais, and you can make your own spice rub from home to elevate the taste.

Be Alcohol Conscious
Consider that your guests will be driving home (or you might be the guest that is driving home), and aim for a less is more approach when it comes to drinking when you braai this Heritage Day. This is also a wise choice when it comes to saving money – the prices of beer and wine have gone up significantly over the past few years, and continues to play a big role in setting consumers back financially.

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