Contact a Debt Counsellor or Borrow Money From a Friend?

Borrowing money from a friend

Contact a Debt Counsellor or Borrow Money From a Friend?

Paying off debt can be a harrowing experience. It stops you from putting your money into assets that can better your current living situation; and completely nullifies the possibility of investing towards a better future. When it comes to paying off your debt, there are many ways in which you can speed up the process, with some options having the risk of slowing you down. This aid can be in the form of; enlisting the help of a debt counsellor – or the act of borrowing money from a friend – being a risky choice.

We know the struggles of keeping one’s finances in check. Be it due to reckless spending habits or genuinely unforeseen circumstances – we’ve all been in a situation where lending money from a friend sounds like an enticing option. While it may sound like a lucrative option, borrowing money from someone can inhibit your financial situation; while straining your relationship. No matter how alluring the idea of immediately settling your debt, always try to pay within your means and refrain from asking your loved ones for a “boost.”

In Essence, no matter how well things are between you and the person you are borrowing money from, you risk tarnishing the positive morale between you and your friend. While the current notion is friendly and supportive, the mood can sour very quickly, with feelings of anger and disappointment taking the pedestal. Remember that YOU are responsible for settling the repayments set out by your creditor. You are thereby liable for paying back your friend in a timely and reliable manner.

With the guidance of an experienced debt counsellor, your repayments will be within your to ensure that you can live comfortably while still being able to chip away at your debt. No feelings will get in the way of compensation, while the formality of a debt counsellor can provide you with service that’s nothing short of professional.

Debt counselling is a highly personal procedure, allowing us to analyse your income and expenses. Following this process lets you pay what you can afford without falling behind on other living expenses and payments. While we do our utmost best to ensure your victory over debt, you must never miss a payment and try to limit your spending on luxuries while under review. Not only do we get you closer to clearing your name, we offer insightful advice as to how you can allow your money to work for you.

At Debtco Group, our team of experienced debt counsellors are ready to assist you with any debt-related queries. With over ten years in the industry of debt counselling, we know how debt works – and how to combat it. If you feel that debt is starting to control your livelihood, we can help you reclaim the reigns and alleviate your debt-related stress.

If you are curious about how our debt counsellors can save you from your debt crisis – contact us today.

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