Did you know that WE help 4 000 people per year

WE help 4 000 people per year

Did you know that WE help 4 000 people per year

South African consumers have accepted debt to be an inevitable way of life. A volatile market constantly preys on those seeking validation and chasing their pleasures. This leads to vast amounts of debt being accumulated, with many paychecks being pumped into paying off luxuries and necessities every month. However, debt relief has provided many South Africans with a legal and straightforward way of settling their debts.

Debtco Group helps an average of 4,000 clients every year. While the number itself may not seem monumental in scale, we use this to our client’s advantage; providing them with a personally tailored debt counselling service.

Our experienced team of debt counsellors in South Africa consider everything: your income, expenses, assets and ongoing debts. We draw up a suitable budget that will allow you to live comfortably, while still chipping away at your debt. When undergoing debt counselling, you obtain the luxury of not having to communicate with creditors or receive constant harassment for settling your debt. Your creditors will also be exempt from taking legal action against you – allowing you to keep your stress and emotional wellbeing in check.

Debtco Group has been in the industry for many years now. Humble beginnings and a passion to aid South African consumers have helped us achieve prestige and an ever-growing client base. Our efforts have not only revolutionised the Debt Relief industry but also saved a large number of clients from the suffocating clutches of debt.

Our services allow you to once again enter the credit market, with a squeaky clean credit record. This is done after rehabilitation during the process of the debt counselling process. Many of our clients have suffered from over-indebtedness. Once their consultation was completed, they were already well on their way to free themselves from the depths of debt.

We provide our clients with effective and affordable repayment plans, meeting the criteria set out by creditors while also ensuring you don’t need to live in limbo. We will aid you in taking back power over your finances while learning to monitor your income/expenses as well as spending within your means. We don’t just fix indebted consumers’ debt crises; we help to further prevent them from recurring!

If you find yourself drowning in debt, let Debtco Group be your lifeline to a debt-free future. Contact us today to get started.

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