How Long After Debt Review Can You Apply for Credit?

How Long After Debt Review Can You Apply for Credit?

How Long After Debt Review Can You Apply for Credit?

If you recently received a Clearance Certificate after going through debt review in South Africa, you might be asking yourself how long after debt review can you apply for credit. While you can technically apply for credit within a week of receiving your certificate, there’s a lot to know before doing so. In this blog post, we’ll explore the steps you need to take after debt review to ensure you can rebuild your credit score responsibly and avoid debt again.

Clearing Your Record and Updating Credit History

How Long After Debt Review Can You Apply for Credit?

While you should be able to apply for credit within a week of receiving your certificate, clearing your record can take longer than expected. After the credit bureaus receive your Clearance Certificate, they will update each account in your Payment History to reflect a “Paid-Up” or “Closed” status. They will also remove any default listings and judgments against you.

However, allowing time for the credit bureaus to update their records is essential. Wait at least a month after receiving your certificate to see if the Debt Counselling flag has been removed from your profile. If you notice any discrepancies, immediately bring them up with the credit bureaus. According to the National Credit Act, your payment history will remain on your credit record for two years.

Rebuilding Your Credit Score Responsibly

How Long After Debt Review Can You Apply for Credit?

It’s important to remember that credit providers may not be willing to assist a customer who has just come out of a debt review. Therefore, rebuilding your credit score before borrowing from creditors is crucial. While your credit score may take some time to improve, it will gradually improve over time. We recommend waiting at least three months before applying for new credit and ensuring that your credit score is in good standing before doing so.

If your credit application gets declined, it can negatively affect your credit score. Remember that it’s always up to the credit provider’s discretion whether or not they want to extend credit to you. If they decline your application, you have the right to know why. Lastly, be wary of taking on too much debt or credit while rebuilding your credit score. We suggest starting with small credit amounts, such as a store account. Always work on a personal debt management plan to ensure you can service all your obligations and avoid over-indebtedness again.

Important Things to Remember After Debt Review

How Long After Debt Review Can You Apply for Credit?

It is crucial to remember a few key things after completing a debt review. Firstly, checking your credit record within a month of receiving your Clearance Certificate is vital to confirm whether your credit profile has been updated. If the debt review flag and default listings have not been removed within a reasonable timeframe, following up with the credit bureaus is essential. Before taking on new debt, you must gradually rebuild your credit score by applying for a small credit facility.

It is also crucial not to ignore checking your credit record, make assumptions, or avoid communicating with credit bureaus. Rushing to take on new credit immediately after receiving your Clearance Certificate is not advisable since a creditor’s decline can negatively affect your score. If you apply for new credit and get declined, avoid taking on more credit than you can afford, such as high-interest debt. It is best to accept the feedback and outcome.

Lastly, it is essential to continually manage your debt and set a plan to keep your finances on track and your debt in check. Implementing your personalised debt management plan is crucial to ensure you only take on what you can afford and avoid over-indebtedness.

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