How to know if you qualify for Debt Counselling

How to know if you qualify for Debt Counselling

How to know if you qualify for Debt Counselling

Are you struggling to balance your numerous monthly instalments to creditors, while still trying to managing basic and necessary living expenses that are continually rising? You may be wondering how to know if you qualify for Debt Counselling, so that you can finally find some resolution to the debt that is taking over your life. It is simple to find out if you qualify for Debt Counselling, by making use of our handy online Debt Calculator.

Of the various debt solutions that are available to struggling consumers, Debtco Group offers an effective and professional Debt Counselling service that is approved by the National Credit Regulator. The first step is to find out if you qualify for Debt Counselling, which means that we need to determine whether or not you are actually over-indebted. In order to be considered over-indebted, we must establish that you are not financially capable of repaying all of your monthly debt repayments at the end of each month, based on your income and available finances.

Having an income that is insufficient when it comes to honouring credit repayments makes living much harder than it should be. Life is expensive and, wherever possible, consumers should have access to debt solutions that work for them. When you are over-indebted, you face possible legal action by the creditors you haven’t been able to pay back, and can also become blacklisted. While undergoing Debt Counselling, you don’t have to worry from month to month, as we will restructure the multiple debts you are paying into one new repayment amount that is aligned with your affordability. You will still be paying off everything you owe, but can now breathe more easily and exist more comfortably.

Through Debtco Group, you can take the first steps to starting your Debt Counselling journey with us online. Start by filling in the details of your income, expenses and debts on our online calculator, to find out if you qualify for Debt Counselling – you will also be shown how we can help you lower your expenses. Should you qualify, one of our friendly and qualified Debt Counsellors will get in touch with you to begin the Debt Counselling process. Don’t spend another minute worrying about your debt and feeling defeated – we are here to help you!

Our Debt Counselling service has made a positive impact in the lives of so many over the years, and continues to offer over-indebted consumers the chance to rebuild their lives and start over financially. If you want to find out if you qualify for Debt Counselling, you can reach out to our team today, or make use of our easy-to-use online Debt Calculator.

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