How We Can Rescue You from Your Debt

Rescue you from your debt

How We Can Rescue You from Your Debt

Falling into debt can lead to feelings of resentment and uncertainty. In a society driven by consumerism and the expectations set by our peers, we tend to spend without thinking about our financial security. While many small payments sound like a good option, you eventually realize that every little expense adds up. Taking out loans, borrowing from friends and living paycheck to paycheck are all negative consequences of the debt cycle. However, as a trusted debt company, Debtco Group can rescue you from your debt. Here’s how.

Many debt companies claim to have your best interests at heart. They promise to provide you with the support you will need to get back on your feet and show you how to avoid falling into debt. However, this is simply not the case. In an era where debt is commonplace and the sheer volume of indebted consumers is at an all-time high, most debt companies will treat you like a statistic. Here at Debtco Group, we take the time to personalize our client’s repayment plans, budgets and teach them how to manage their finances to avoid the resurgence of debt.

Debt companies can push you to pay excessive fees on top of your repayment plans. This can lead to added stress and a major knock to your budgeting plan. Our team of experienced debt counselors will ensure that you only pay what you can afford, making your financial recovery the main concern.

One of the greatest hindrances debt can bring a consumer is the constant harassment and the looming threat of legal action. We know just how stressful this can be, as no matter how hard you are working towards settling your debt – these creditors will not stop until they get exactly what they want. Once undergoing debt review through us, our debt counselors will do all the talking and settling with your creditors.

Our consultants pay very close attention to your income and expenditure. This allows us to set up your living expense budget and only from there do we calculate what can be distributed towards paying off your debt. Once you decide to take on debt counseling, you are safe from legal action. A major drawback will be the inability to take on any new debts or credit on already existing credit agreements. This isn’t done to punish, but rather to protect you from any further damages. The likeliness of a fee and interest reduction also becomes more attainable this way!

After you have paid your first two installments, the Payment Distribution Agency (PDA) will begin distributing your money towards the appropriate creditors upon your third payment to Debtco Group. While we go out of our way to ensure your debt-free future is within reach, it is up to you to ensure all of your payments are made in a timely manner.

We have the means to help you attain freedom and rescue you from your debt. However, your determination and motivation to take back economic freedom is entirely up to you. If you would like to learn more about our process or how we can save your wallet, contact us today.

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