Is Debt Counselling Confidential?

Is Debt Counselling Confidential?

Is Debt Counselling Confidential?

Debt problems are a huge burden to a large number of South African consumers. The price of everyday essentials like food, electricity and petrol are constantly going up, while salary increases are becoming increasingly rare. At Debtco Group, we know the struggle is real, which is why we strive to offer a confidential Debt Counselling service that you can count on.

One of the requirements of Debt Counsellors is to follow a strict code of conduct, enforced by the National Credit Regulator (NCR). One of the rules laid out is that all clients should be treated with confidentiality and respect. Your financial affairs are always handled carefully and discreetly by our team and are never disclosed to anyone that does not play a role in our service offered to you. You can also rely on us for transparency, and rest assured that our professional services are provided with compassion and open communication.

Uncompromised confidentially from our Debt Counsellors is a promise that we always keep. From assessing your financial income and expenses to negotiating reduced instalments and interest rates with your creditors, our team respect your right to privacy. Once you enter into the Debt Counselling process and start benefitting from more manageable monthly payments, our team are available to lend advice or offer guidance whenever you need it. Any discussions between you and a Debt Counsellor from our team are kept completely confidential.

Unless we are given clear instructions or permission from you, we may not legally share any of your information. This means that Debt Counselling will not affect any promotions or employment opportunities, as no one will even know that you are under Debt Counselling. It is more likely that not addressing your debts will damage your financial reputation, as you risk asset repossession and may be contacted regularly by various creditors who are following up for payment. While under Debt Counselling, you are protected from both asset repossession and the harassing calls of creditors.

Taking control of your finances is a life-changing move that opens up doors for your future. Debt problems can be incredibly difficult, especially when you also have to support your family and afford other important expenses every month. We offer a confidential and personalised Debt Counselling service to over-indebted individuals and make every exception to ensure privacy. Our team of Debt Counsellors take pride in following the regulations of the NCR fully and are also NCR registered.

If you have debt problems that are getting out of hand, you can count on us for a discreet and effective Debt Counselling solution.

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