Not situated in Cape Town but need help. No Problem

Not situated in Cape Town but need Debt Review help. No Problem

Not situated in Cape Town but need help. No Problem

As renowned Debt Review professionals, we have worked with thousands of clients to successfully achieve their financial freedom. Although our offices are located in Cape Town, our services can be done completely online and do not require face-to-face interactions, unless you want to meet with us in person. We assist most of our clients remotely while staying in regular communication via email or phone calls.

The only way to fix your issues with debt is to face them head-on. Being over-indebted and fearing for your credit score and important assets is no way to live. Debt Review lets you pay back everything you owe and keeps you safe from your creditors so that you can conquer your debt problems and improve your quality of life. As a South African, you can easily apply online via our website and await contact from a Debt Counsellor on our team. We will need a lot of information from you upfront, from insight into your outstanding debts to bank statements, payslips, and breakdowns of your budgetary costs.

Once you enter the Debt Review process, our team steps in to work alongside you on the debt issues you’re dealing with, beginning with an assessment of your affordability. We can contact you for clarification if needed, and gain perspective on your expenses, debt, and income this way. Through this, we’re able to determine what you can afford to pay towards your debts, without compromising your necessary financial expenses. Our qualified team can then reach out to your various creditors on your behalf, to negotiate reduced instalment amounts that will form part of your new affordable debt repayment plan.

Not situated in Cape Town but need help? No problem. We are set up to assist over-indebted consumers from wherever they reside, as long as they are able to communicate with us online and meet the requirements for Debt Review. There is no need for court appearances when you’re under Debt Review, even though your case will appear in Magistrate Court or the National Consumers Tribunal. As you pay back your debts during Debt Review, the payments are managed by a trusted Payment Distribution Agency, which ensures all your creditors are paid their monthly dues on time.

Throughout the Debt Review process, our Debtco Group team remains in constant communication with you. We will advise you, guide you and ensure that you are managing. It doesn’t matter where in South Africa you reside, you can count on us for a Debt Review service that is effective and customized to your needs.

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