Question – Can I go under Debt Review when Blacklisted?

Can I go under Debt Review when Blacklisted?

Question – Can I go under Debt Review when Blacklisted?

Debt Review is a process that helps consumers overcome their issues with debt, which under normal circumstances cannot be afforded. As those who apply for Debt Review are already struggling financially, sometimes blacklisted individuals will need to render our Debt Review service too. If you are blacklisted, you can still qualify for Debt Review, and work towards a debt free future.

As a blacklisted consumer under Debt Review, you can still benefit from easier repayment terms and protection from legal action by creditors. The only thing to note is that even though you’re on the right track as a blacklisted individual undergoing Debt Review, it will take a while longer for your credit score to improve than it would for someone who is not blacklisted. This is because your credit score will have already been negatively affected before you start Debt Review, as your credit score comprises of your payment history. At Debtco Group, we apply a personalized approach to our Debt Review service and will consider your financial situation in detail, before providing you with an effective solution to getting out of debt.

No matter the complexity of your financial past, our aim is to work with you to simplify your current debt repayment setup. One of our qualified Debt Counsellors will take stock of your income, expenses and debt and then establish a New Affordable Debt Repayment Plan that will give you breathing room each month. You will no longer struggle to pay back what you owe, as this new amount is kept affordable according to our assessment of your finances. You will also only be paying back one amount, instead of attempting to balance numerous debt installments and debit orders every month. This payment is managed by a reputable Payment Distribution Agency on your behalf.

As you undergo Debt Review, our team will notify your creditors and from that point onwards, they will not be allowed to hound you for missed or late payments regarding money owed to them. In fact, you don’t need to deal with your creditors or financial institutions at all during the process, as we will take over those dealings for you. Debt Review also protects you from becoming blacklisted if you are not already, giving you the chance to catch up with your debt instalments before they take charge of your life and leave a mark on your credit score.

Financial strain and too much debt can negatively impact so many aspects of your life, from your health and happiness to your work performance and important relationships. At Debtco Group, we pride ourselves on providing tailored Debt Review services that work for you, based on your financial needs. If you are blacklisted and want to apply for Debt Review, you are in excellent hands.

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