Taking the Worry out of Janu-Worry

Taking the worry out of January

Taking the Worry out of Janu-Worry

After the chaos of Christmas and the associated expenses of the festive season, consumers usually go through a stage of recovery, also known as Janu-worry (January). During the holidays, it is common for individuals to stretch their budgets to the max and incur unnecessary debts. After all, the season of giving has a way of luring us in, and the pressure to spend money on gifts and outings is felt by all, whether or not there is money to do so.

Gain control of your finances by taking the worry of out Janu-worry, with the help of Debtco Group. We offer a highly regarded, comprehensive Debt Counselling service to those who are over-indebted. This Debt Counselling process puts your financial needs first. It works by considering your available finances after your living expenses are seen to, so that we can outline a new and better debt repayment plan for you. You can pay back all the debt in your name fairly and fully, without compromising on your basic living expenses, and the needs of your family.

Getting into debt over the festive season is not uncommon. In fact, the December holidays are a big trigger for most struggling consumers, driving people to make poor financial decisions that they end up regretting. By the time January comes around and the New Year begins, the consequences of overspending can be felt, hence the term “Janu-worry”. With more debt to be paid and financial pressures rising, many consumers cannot keep up with their debt repayments, and begin to avoid their creditors. With this comes the possibility of legal action or asset repossession, by irate creditors who demand payments. With us, taking the worry out of Janu-worry is very doable.

Over-indebtedness causes stress and depression, lack of sleep and poor performance at work. Instead of starting of the New Year with a positive outlook and exciting goals, debt issues lead to a bleak outlook for the future. This does not have to be your January! Our Debt Counselling team takes the worry out of Janu-worry and the weight off your shoulders. You can expect instant financial relief and will also benefit from the protection that Debt Counselling ensures you from your creditors, who may not contact you for any reason during this time. Our professional guidance and commitment to your financial needs set us apart as leaders in reliable debt solutions.

Begin by filling in our online contact form, as well as an affordability assessment which breaks down your finances in detail. Taking the worry out of Janu-worry starts now, by reaching out to our Debtco Group. Our Debt Counselling services are all aligned with and approved by the National Credit Regulator (NCR) of South Africa.

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