The Legal Way to Pay Less on Your Debt

The Legal Way to Pay Less on Debt

The Legal Way to Pay Less on Your Debt

There are many signs of over-indebtedness, from falling behind on due payments to having judgements granted against you, as well as borrowing money to pay back other debts. This is no way to live, and the weight of struggling financially takes a big toll on your wellness. Anyone can become over-indebted and we know this full well, having worked with clients from all walks of life to offer debt relief and financial rebuilding. Debt Review is the legal way to pay less on your debt.

As a consumer living in a world of high inflation, it is not easy to avoid credit. The key is knowing how to plan your finances and stick to a reasonable budget. As the cost of basics like groceries, electricity, and transport/fuel goes up, your money habits need to be adjusted accordingly, which leaves less cash for non-essentials. At Debtco Group, we offer a result-driven solution through Debt Counselling, which is the legal way to pay less on your debt. To start, we need to make sure that you qualify, which can be done with a simple affordability assessment. By breaking down what you owe, earn, and need to survive, we determine how much you can afford towards debt each month.

There are some scams out there that promise financial rehabilitation but have no way of delivering. Make sure you follow the legal way to pay less on your debt, by making use of reputable companies with your best interest in mind. It is important that any Debt Counsellor you work with be registered by the National Credit Regulator (NCR) – you can verify a Debt Counsellor for peace of mind by contacting the NCR or requesting their registration certificate, which displays the NCR logo and registration number. Our Debtco Group team of Debt Counsellors are all registered and highly skilled, and our services are transparent and professional.

The Debt Counselling process works because it lessens the financial load faced by over-indebted individuals. Your instalments to creditors are negotiated down by our team, and then you’re presented with a new monthly repayment amount that is based on what you can actually afford. This means you are following the legal way to pay less on debt, while still getting immediate financial relief and knowing that you’re honouring your financial commitments.

If you have any reservations or uncertainties surrounding Debt Counselling, get in touch with us for assistance. We accept walk-ins at our office based in Cape Town, or else you can email us or fill in our online contact form and wait to hear back. Make the smart choice and apply for the legal way to get out of debt with Debtco Group.

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