Wishing All Our Customers a Merry Christmas

Wishing All Our Customers a Merry Christmas

Our Debtco Group Team would like to take this opportunity to wish all our valued clients a Merry Christmas! It’s been a whirlwind year for many of us, and the festive season is the perfect time for reflection and appreciation. We are incredibly grateful to have the resources, expertise and team that we do, who have helped reshape the financial paths of so many clients. This Christmas, we step back and celebrate the many clients who have overcome their debts through Debt Review, knowing that special days feel lighter without the burden of financial worries.

Over the past year, we’ve worked closely with many of you in addressing your debts and restructuring your finances, through the process of Debt Counselling. Thank you for trusting the Debtco Group to help you reach your financial goals. The scary fact is that the majority of South Africans spend much more than half of their salary each month paying off debt. You can imagine the effect this has on a person’s quality of life, as well as their ability to care for themselves and their families. Money problems are a leading cause of stress, and we are here to eliminate yours.

Debt Counselling has the potential to help struggling consumers overcome their debts, and has made a positive difference for so many already. Especially during the Christmas season and festive period, it is important to take stock of what matters and to reassess your financial situation if need be. You should be enjoying life, free of debt and able to afford a comfortable existence. Debt Counselling allows you to pay back all the debt that you owe in a much more affordable way, through one more manageable monthly payment. Our team manage all the dealings with your creditors going forward, and your creditors cannot take legal action against you.

Are your debts more than you can handle? Do you have difficulty affording basic living expenses after all your debit orders come off your salary? Have debt collectors and creditors been hounding you about missed payments? A simple affordability assessment will show us if you are over-indebted and if Debt Counselling can help you. If you feel stressed about debt over Christmas, our debt relief services can help ensure that next Christmas will be a much better one.

You can start the New Year off with a plan to get your debts sorted out. Look forward to guidance and professional services from our team every step of the way. We provide a Debt Counselling service that is approved by the National Credit Regulator of South Africa, whose job it is to protect consumers. Immediate debt relief by trusted professionals is as easy as contacting us!

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