Can I Make Additional Payments while under Debt Review?

Can I make additional/extra payments towards my credit providers while under debt review?

Can I Make Additional Payments while under Debt Review?

At Debtco Group, we step in to provide you with a manageable solution to overcoming your debts. We apply a different approach to each client when renegotiating their payments to creditors, in relation to their financial circumstances. You no longer have to communicate with your creditors, which relieves so much stress.

One question we regularly get asked by clients is whether or not they can make additional or extra payments towards their credit providers while under Debt Review. The answer is YES, and our team of National Credit Regulator (NCR) approved Debt Counsellors will make these arrangements with your credits on your behalf. If you find yourself with more money to pay towards your debts, you can pay them off quicker and thus settle more accounts. You can restore your finances and get your life back on track – let us make it happen for you.

Debt Review is an option that suits many South African consumers who can’t afford their debt repayments. The process is intended to get you through the difficult times, by making your debt more affordable. This makes room in your budget to afford your living expenses, and while the repayment plan needs to be honoured in order for you to be financially rehabilitated, you can always make more financial contributions if your finances allow. This is something we can help you with, simply contact us to discuss the changes to your finances, and let us work with you to get you out of debt as efficiently and quickly as possible.

At Debtco Group, we believe that every consumer has the right to work through their debts in accordance with their financial means. Life is constantly changing, and sometimes our financial circumstances worsen or improve. If you get an influx of money that you want to put towards your debt repayments, there is certainly value in doing so. This can lead to accelerated debt repayments so that you can become debt-free sooner. The faster your outstanding debts are settled the better, and this can also positively impact your credit score over time.

Once you enter into Debt Review with us, it is important that you approve any changes to your payment amounts with us first. Throughout the process, it is our job to communicate with your creditors on your behalf. A Payment Distribution Agency that we trust becomes responsible for distributing cash to each of your creditors every month, from the repayment that you make to them. Let us know what you can afford, and let us get you out of debt as effectively as possible.

Contact Debtco Group today for a solution to over-indebtedness and financial stress. We’ve got your back with a result-driven Debt Review service.

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