Debt Counselling Calculator Explained

Debt Counselling Calculator Explained

Our main goal at Debtco Group is to offer you a comprehensive and beneficial solution to your debts. Our Debt Counselling Calculator breaks down what your new monthly repayments could look like, as you undergo the process of Debt Counselling. Note that all our Debt Counsellors are highly skilled, experienced and registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR).

If you’re trying to map out what your finances might look like during Debt Counselling, make use of our online Debt Counselling Calculator. By entering your income information and detailing your various monthly expenses, we can outline what you can expect to pay (more or less) based on the amount you are currently paying. Remember that Debt Counselling is aimed at instantly reducing the monthly repayments you currently make towards your debt, in one combined monthly repayment, which is managed by a trusted Payment Distribution Agency on your behalf.

Save money and pay back your debt more effectively. Through Debt Counselling, you’ll be protected from losing your assets and will not need to worry about being harassed by creditors. We’re by your side, restructuring what you pay every month so that you can live more easily. In much the same way as a formal affordability assessment, our Debt Counselling Calculator considers your finances from every angle. Once you get an idea of the relief Debt Counselling can offer, you can begin to understand how the process is one intended to uplift the lives of struggling consumers. At Debtco Group, we are committed to helping you get back on track with your finances.

Clients can outline their personal debt expenses on our online Debt Counselling Calculator. These expenses include your bond, vehicle and furniture instalments, as well as any accounts taken out for clothing, electronics or groceries. We also consider what you owe by way of bank loans and other debt instalments. Once this information is entered into our Debt Counselling Calculator, it presents you with a good estimate of the amount you can expect to save while under Debt Counselling.

It is easy to contact us and enlist our services through our website, however walk-ins are welcome at Debtco Group. You can also visit us during normal office hours at our Cape Town based office. We know that every individual with debt problems is facing a very stressful period in their lives. Give yourself the opportunity to get rid of your debt. Try our online Debt Counselling Calculator, find out what sort of savings you can expect in a month, and start the Debt Counselling process knowing what changes to look forward to in your budget.

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