Debt Counselling while Married in Community of Property

Debt Counselling while married in Community of Property

Debt Counselling while Married in Community of Property

One of the best forms of relief legally available to over-indebted consumers is Debt Counselling. This programme is specifically aimed at those who are not managing their debt commitments, and works by restructuring their debt repayments. If you are married in community of property, you and your spouse’s estates are joined together, and this is considered when entering into Debt Counselling.

As an individual, Debt Counselling has the potential to help you overcome your debts for good, while couples married in Community of Property can also enjoy the same benefits. You and your spouse will each have to apply for Debt Counselling and go through the process together, and you will both have to consent to entering the programme before we can move forward with the application. Our team of Debt Counsellors are well versed in working with married couples who require Debt Counselling, and we can guide you through the steps with successful results.

If you’re married in community of property, both you and your spouse will need to take responsibility for the new monthly payments that come with Debt Counselling. In the eyes of the court, you fit into the category of having one joint estate and need to navigate the process as a team for the best outcomes. As a married couple, you can make the important decision to tackle your debts head-on, giving you both the best chance to enjoy a debt-free future together, with more opportunities for your family’s happiness.

One of our Debt Counsellors will work with you by assessing your finances and negotiating reduced payments to your creditors, allowing us to present both you and your spouse with a more affordable way to repay your debts. You will be paying back just one monthly instalment per month that covers all of your debts, freeing up more money for the monthly expenses you cannot ignore. As long as you and your partner continue to honour the new and reduced monthly payment towards Debt Counselling, you’re protected from creditor harassment, including the legal steps they may wish to pursue against you.

Working through serious debt problems alongside your spouse can be healing to your relationship, especially if your debts have been negatively impacting your quality of life. At Debtco Group, we are committed to providing a result-driven and personalised approach to overcoming your financial burdens. Our services are done in accordance with the National Credit Regulator (NCR), and our team have the expertise to get you across the finish line.

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