Debt Counselling While Unemployed?

Debt Counselling While Unemployed

Debt Counselling While Unemployed?

It has been established that Debt Counselling works wonders for consumers who are faced with insurmountable debts. Being over-indebted is hardly a life sentence, and consumers are able to find their feet and live comfortably again after making a few adjustments to their lifestyles, and settling their debt for once and for all.

Debt Counselling gives individuals who most need a hand up the opportunity to pay back their debt, without the looming threat of legal issues and threatening calls by their creditors. At Debtco Group, we know first-hand how financial stress can affect people and their loved ones, and we pride ourselves on a professional approach, every step of the way.

The process of Debt Counselling usually lasts between 3 to 5 years, depending on your contractual agreement and the amount of debt that has been restructured in your new payment plan. A lot can change during these years, and some things are out of your control. For this reason, our Debtco Group ensures that each client is set up with the necessary and inclusive credit insurance, in the event that you should lose your job while under the Debt Counselling process. This credit insurance protects you as the consumer and does not cost you anything extra, as it is included in your newly restructured Debt Counselling repayment amount. It is a relief to know that you are covered, should you unexpectedly become unemployed.

Our team at Debtco Group have extensive experience in matters of financial restoration, and will always offer advice based on your best interests. Our many clients continue to make strides while under Debt Counselling, as they work towards the eventual goal of becoming debt free. It may not always be an easy road, but there is no feeling that can compare to the moment you achieve financial stability and a clear credit record. After all your efforts to pay back what you owe and adjust your lifestyle, you are able to start over with a good understanding of managing your budget and any future debt.

Even if you should become unemployed while under Debt Counselling, your monthly payment will be covered and you will not be penalised. While you are under Debt Counselling, we are always available to guide you and advise you – once we have negotiated reduced instalments with your numerous creditors, it is no longer up to you to communicate with them regarding your debts owed. We are your point of contact and we will oversee all the ins and outs of your debt repayments – you will make your reduced monthly repayment to a reliable Payment Distribution Agency, who will pay your creditors back on your behalf.

Contact our Debtco Team today to start your journey to a debt-free existence. We are committed to providing a Debt Counselling service that works for you!

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