Do I need Debt Counselling? Good Question

Do I need Debt Counselling?

Do I need Debt Counselling? Good Question

As Debt Counselling professionals who specialise in this remarkable debt rehabilitation solution for South Africans, we regularly consult with individuals who need guidance regarding their debts. Debt Counselling is not always the best solution, especially in cases where you’re debt does not qualify you and is still manageable according to your income and expenses. In a lot of cases, Debt Counselling is the best option.

Like most important things in life, it makes sense to weigh up your options before committing to Debt Counselling. After all, the process can take up to 5 years and does impose some limitations on your ability to access credit. If you are wondering if you need Debt Counselling, you’re likely already facing some issues concerning your debts and may be struggling to afford the repayments you face every month. There are many advantages to Debt Counselling, however, we would not advise it to clients who can comfortably access the funds they need every month to repay their debts.

Debt Counselling is incredibly liberating to individuals who are over-indebted and ready for a change. Advantages of Debt Counselling include protection from creditors, as well as immediate financial relief. As part of the application process through Debtco Group, you will undergo an affordability assessment. This details all your financial responsibilities and breaks down your income. Our team use this assessment to determine your financial status, helping us answer your question – Do I need Debt Counselling?

The National Credit Act (NCA) introduced the important process of Debt Counselling to protect and assist individuals who have trouble maintaining their debt instalments to creditors every month. Essentially, a Debt Counsellor works with you to find a comfortable balance in your budget and then restructures the payment allocations to your various creditors. By doing so, you’re paying back less towards your debt each month. If you’re currently falling behind on debt repayments or find yourself unable to manage the demands of your budget, let us help you determine a way forward.

Knowing that there is a solution to debt problems is the first step to empowering yourself and regaining financial control. At Debtco Group, our team of qualified and National Credit Regulator (NCR) approved Debt Counsellors are well versed in all things Debt Counselling related. We can help you reach your financial goals and say goodbye to your debt stress.

From finding out if you qualify to ensuring you are set up for financial success, our team are here to give you professional and friendly Debt Counselling services from the get-go.

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