Stop Struggling Financially

Stop Struggling Financially

Stop Struggling Financially

Debt is one of the biggest contributing factors to financial worries, and can cause individuals to lose control and their sense of self. South African consumers are faced with inflation rates that are at an all time high, interest rates that keep rising and expensive prices linked to basic purchase like groceries and fuel. We want to help you overcome your debt and stop struggling financially, and our team offers a reputable Debt Counselling service that works in your favour.

If you are not managing your debts properly and have missed payments or angry creditors keeping you up at night, then Debt Counselling could be the solution to your problems. Essentially, you will undergo an affordability assessment, which shows whether you have too much debt and do in fact qualify. We also take the time to study your income, expenses and debt in detail, to determine an amount which you can actually afford to spend every month towards paying back your debts. You can stop  struggling financially, as our expertise allows us to negotiate with your creditors and the banks you owe money to, to agree on lower monthly instalments on your behalf.

Immediate financial relief is one of the main advantages you can look forward to, as you’re presented with one new monthly debt repayment amount that fits your budget comfortably. As long as you keep making this single payment, you’re protected from any legal action connected to your debt, which is a massive weight off your shoulders. No more avoiding phone calls and dreading month end debit orders – at Debtco Group, we want you to stop struggling financially, and we work with you to get your money issues sorted out legally and transparently.

The recent 50 Basis Point Increase in the Repo Rate can be felt by consumers who were already skirting the edges of over-indebtedness. You will now be spending more on your loans than you might be able to, especially if you have a large loan to repay. It is more important than ever before that consumers should feel assured of their financial stability, which makes our work at Debtco Group all the more essential. With our help, you can stop struggling financially, and with dedication and our guidance, you will become debt free.

Don’t wait around hoping something will change before you can stop struggling financially. Debt Counselling is an effective debt relief measure that is easy to apply for, either online or by visiting us at our office. Our Debt Counsellors are all registered with the National Credit Regulator, and our services are aligned with the National Credit Act.

Stop Struggling

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